Best Bentonite Clay Price

You get the best price for USA imported cosmetic grade Bentonite Clay here. PayPal/Bank Transfer accepted. Price below exclude shipping. Orders larger than RM500 enjoy free delivery in Malaysia.

We supply to big Bentonite Clay clients who use it in their cosmetic product manufacturing and spa/wellness business. We also love individuals, startups and small business.

When we were just starting up, we were shocked by the high price of good Bentonite Clay in the market. Some were charging more than RM300/kg. We feel that this is not creating a friendly condition to help entrepreneurs in their start up phase. Therefor we tailor flexible wholesale package that specifically fits your need, to keep it simple for you, and to ensure a smooth and easy start in your business venture.

For end users, we believe our Cosmetic Grade Bentonite Clay is simply the most natural and the best product for your skin care routine. We do not believe there is a need to pay high price for this wonderful product. Great skin care product shouldn’t cost you a lot! That’s why we have one of the lowest price in the market for this amazing product.

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200 grams

500 grams

1 kg

5 kg

Peninsula Malaysia

RM 46.00

RM 82.00

RM 130.00

RM 500.00

East Malaysia

RM 51.00

RM 87.00

RM 135.00

RM 500.00

Large orders may be subject to a lead time of up to 28 days.

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